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Brett Putter 
CEO and founder of CultureGene 
I founded CultureGene to help business leaders develop effective and sustainable cultures. I have worked with a broad range of organizations, from software startups to multinational financial services companies to deliver my highly successful culture development methodology. I've published two books on company culture (Culture Decks Decoded & Own Your Culture) and appeared on over 80 podcasts as a culture expert. 
I am here to tell you that, when you know what to focus on and which levers to pull, you can build a hybrid work model and productive culture for you and your team.

Building a sustainable hybrid work model and culture is within reach...

I'd be honored to help you get there.

Is this online course for me?

  Designed for every manager or team leader looking to optimize hybrid work and build a successful hybrid team

  Understand which issues to focus on to solve the collaboration, team management and culture challenges of hybrid work

  HR professionals and HR business partners can use this course as a guideline when supporting their people  managers in developing effective hybrid work models 

    Become A Great Hybrid Team  Manager

    Overcome hybrid work friction and unleash your team's potential, no matter where they work from.

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    People managers have had to take on more responsibility with the transition to hybrid work. As a result, team leaders and managers are now even more critical to the successful implementation and delivery of hybrid work. 

    The Managing Hybrid Teams course gives you, the manager, a framework and toolset to deal with the additional complexities and responsibilities of building and managing a hybrid team.

    Course Outcomes

    Design and build hybrid work model that works for you and your team
      Improve your hybrid work management skills
      Optimize in-office and remote work collaboration
      Overcome hybrid work challenges by integrating relevant remote work best practices 
      Develop a productive and sustainable hybrid team culture
      Build and lead a happy and productive hybrid team 

    Improve your team's collaboration

          Build cohesion & community
    Increase social connection between team members, and the broader organization.
          Strengthen team bonds
    Give your team clarity and confidence with your new Team Agreement
          Communicate effectively
    Reduce unnecessary and ineffective meetings and avoid miscommunication by balancing sync and async communication
          Improve documentation
     Write better-organized, better-used, and better-maintained documentation

    Integrate relevant remote work best practices

          Be inclusive
    Ensure the remote employees in your team do not feel like second-class citizens
          Optimize remote
    Support the remote elements of your team's hybrid work
          Create team assets
    Optimize processes and documents and make them accessible to all 
          Enhance trust
    Use transparency to generate more trust in your team

    Build an effective team culture

          Get ahead
    Understand how your culture has changed and how to use that to your advantage
          Create alignment
    Make sure everyone is on the same page and adheres to “the hybrid way we do things around here”
          Make culture real
    Make your organization's values meaningful and 'liveable' to everybody in your team 
          Create consistency
    Build your culture around both in-office and remote working experiences

    Become the best hybrid team leader & manager

          Manage your team better
    Learn how to delegate, monitor, and manage in a hybrid environment
          Build stronger bonds
    Build stronger connections with your team through improved one-to-one meetings and feedback
          Enhance your skills
    Adapt your management style to the specific requirements of hybrid work
          Hire more effectively
    Adjust your recruitment and onboarding processes to your hybrid model

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    What is Hybrid Work Friction and why should I care?

    Hybrid Work Friction is the gap between optimal performance in ideal working conditions in the office, and the actual performance of your hybrid team. Hybrid Work Friction is like having a grain of sand in your eye. It will continue to hurt and slow you down until you remove it.
    Hybrid Work Friction impacts your team negatively when:
     We use too much synchronous communication
     Knowledge and information gets lost or disappears
     Important processes aren't documented
     There are weak bonds between team members
     There is a lack of psychological safety
     Recruitment and onboarding processes are outdated and ineffective
     Information is not made available to everyone equally
     Managers fail to have direct and regular connection with individuals in the team
     Managers don't have visibility on how their people are progressing with projects and tasks
     A charismatic management style is no longer effective in a hybrid environment
    This course will show you how to reduce Hybrid Work Friction and build a successful hybrid work model.

    Loved by managers and leaders across the globe

    " In our hybrid working world we need more tools to help managers and their teams be more collaborative and effective. This course gave us a set of very practical tools that we started using and saw the results immediately."
    Nicola Waters, COO, Electron
    "We thought we had a hybrid plan but this course covered information that I've never found before. It's changed my perspective on what hybrid management looks like and what we need to do to get hybrid right."
    Adam Posma, Founder, ClubCollect
    "This course provided the framework and tools to dig in and really understand hybrid work. I feel like my management skills have improved and my team is working much more efficiently"
    Bronwen Loubser, Head of People, Zeepex
    " I am a better team manager since taking the Managing Hybrid Work course. It really is as  simple as that. "
    John Butler, Tech Lead, ITEnergy
    " The course is very actionable. It strikes the right balance between theory and practice and teaches the new skills in a very systematic and comprehensive way."
    Rob Williams, Product Manager, PlumbGuarantee
    "There were issues cropping up across the company mainly because of inconsistent hybrid work management. This course allowed our managers and senior leadership team to get aligned on what we needed to focus on to remove friction and get hybrid work right. 
    Mike Papageorge, MD, ISF
    Course curriculum

    Video lesson examples

    The Challenge of Osmosis and the Flexible Office

    The Need to Adapt to a Hybrid Work Management Style

    Every module contains short, to-the-point videos, concrete action steps, and exercises so you can put what you learn into practice immediately. 


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    • The complete Hybrid Work Solution online course
    • Five interactive training modules with 32 lessons
    • 26 Exercises so team members can collaborate or work independently
    • Bonus: Masterclass: How to Lead Junior Employees in a Hybrid Work Environment
    • Bonus:  Own Your Culture eBook

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    Frequently Asked Questions

      Can my team participate

    Not yet, but we are interested in hearing from you if you would like to include your team members in the course. Email us at hybridsuccess [@] culturegene [dot] ai.

      Can I download the PDF and other documents for the course?

    Absolutely! All the files and templates needed in a course are available for download. Just look for a module that shows Downloadable Files within the course dashboard.

      How long do I have to complete the course?

    Take as much time as you need. You can review the video lessons as many times as you like and complete the courses at a pace that is most convenient for you.

      Are there any additional fees or costs?

    No! The price includes everything and there are no additional fees or charges.

      What currency are your courses priced in?

    All of our online courses and programs are priced in USD. We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

      I'm not based in the US - Can I still take the course?

    Absolutely! So far, we’ve had people from Germany, India, South Africa, England and France take the course and they love it !

      Do you offer any group discounts?

    We are happy to work with organizations who want to offer Your Hybrid Work Solution Culture course to their employees as part of professional development or career training. For more information please email hybridsuccess [@] culturegene [dot] ai

      What kind of results can I expect?

    The course is designed to help you become a better hybrid team leader. You can do it at your own pace and like anything, you get what you put into it.

      What is CultureGene?

    CultureGene is a culture consultancy practice focused on helping companies build strong, functional hybrid work cultures. See more www.culturegene.ai 

    Regular price $̶1440

    Limited Time Early Bird Price

    Just $998

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